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By: MHI | August 17, 2018

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By: MHI | August 17, 2018

Summary: Read the article to find out the benefits of availing Yoga TTC in India.

India has been at the center of global Yoga map since the holistic science originated here in the Himalayas. Yoga’s popularity has crossed numerous frontiers and oceans in the past few decades, thanks to its extensive benefits that cover mental, physical as well as the emotional aspects of a human life. The South Asian country witnesses a horde of international Yoga enthusiasts who come to absorb the yogic gifts of the nation in its original form.

By: MHI | August 17, 2018

Home gyms are gaining popularity due to the comfort and flexibility of time they offer to people. The freedom and flexibility people get in their home gym are not available in any other gym. When you create a gym in your home, you are free to add the equipment that is the most essential and beneficial as per your fitness goals.

Moreover, in the public gyms, one needs to wait for doing a specific workout if that exercise equipment is busy. On the other hand, the fitness equipment in your home gym is always free, which saves time, and you can complete your workout in less time.

Another benefit of the home gym is that you add only the equipment that is relevant to your fitness goals. To achieve your goals, you need specific equipment that s...

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By: MHI | August 17, 2018

A protruding belly is common in the middle age for which your doctor might suggest you some healthy foot habits, cutting down on alcohol, and regular exercise. But unusual distention of abdomen that grows and becomes abnormally visible might indicate something else. In certain medical condition, the distended abdomen could be due to fluid accumulation in the space between the lining of abdomen and other organs in the abdominal cavity. This condition is called “ascites” and it is a liver disease. It can be seen in children as well as adults.

What Causes Ascites?

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By: MHI | July 28, 2018

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Many diets have a strict approach to eating. If you want something different then intermittent fasting it your solution. Rather than tracking what you eat intermittent fasting requires you to alternate fasting periods with eating periods. Also, you need to eat healthy because after a long fast you don’t want to eat a bad meal.