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By: MHI | August 17, 2018

A protruding belly is common in the middle age for which your doctor might suggest you some healthy foot habits, cutting down on alcohol, and regular exercise. But unusual distention of abdomen that grows and becomes abnormally visible might indicate something else. In certain medical condition, the distended abdomen could be due to fluid accumulation in the space between the lining of abdomen and other organs in the abdominal cavity. This condition is called “ascites” and it is a liver disease. It can be seen in children as well as adults.

What Causes Ascites?

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By: MHI | July 28, 2018

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Many diets have a strict approach to eating. If you want something different then intermittent fasting it your solution. Rather than tracking what you eat intermittent fasting requires you to alternate fasting periods with eating periods. Also, you need to eat healthy because after a long fast you don’t want to eat a bad meal.

By: MHI | June 28, 2018

7 Foods That Fight Back Pain

One of the most nagging and annoying maladies one's body can have is back pain. A back injury or a back strain might not seem serious, but it has the potential to turn so if not treated appropriately.

Back strains can be fleeting, but they aren't harmless by any means. However, there are ways in which back pain can be treated, even with eating habits. Eating healthy always helps, but a certain kind of diet is extremely assistive in overcoming back injuries.

Consumption of deeply colored, leguminous foods along with fresh seafood is key to back relief and recovery. An anti-inflammatory diet is a must in order to neutralize back inflammation.

These seven foods of different kinds are excellent samples inv...

By: MHI | June 23, 2018

6 Top Reasons Why Invisible Braces Are So Popular

invisible braces

By: MHI | June 15, 2018

7 Surprising Health Benefit Of Terpenes

All plants get their unique aroma from organic compounds called terpenes. Terpenes can be defined as organic non-psychoactive, pungent hydrocarbons secreted from hair-like trichomes found in the buds of plants. Terpenes have been mentioned more frequently with cannabis users each year.

Terpenes protect plants against bacteria, fungi, and parasites. It prevents pest infestation and protects the plant during high temperatures. In fact, terpenes evaporate rapidly. The smell of fresh flowers or dried leaves on a sunny day is actually the smell of terpenes released through evaporation.

Terpenes are also known to be beneficial to humans and have many health benefits, some of which are mentioned belo...