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1. Home Medical Equipment Supply on Rent

My Healthcare India provides durable medical equipment on rental basis in Bangalore. Durable medical equipment provides therapeutic benefits to patients who are suffering from long term illness. The MHI provides best branded medical equipment on rental basis and provide home delivery at reasonable price. The details of the equipment available can be accessed using below link

We provide best brand wheelchairs for rent and sale in Bangalore. we have all types of wheelchairs viz. Manual, Electric, Foldable, non foldable, with commode, recliner wheelchair etc.

Recline wheelchair will be more comfortable to the patients. It can accommodate heavy weight patient easily. It is detachable and foldable and easily transported.

We provide home delivery in Bangalore at best price. You can contact us by clicking on the above call us button.

Other equipment available with us are hospital bed for rent, oxygen concentrator for rent, oxygen cylinder for rent, air bed for rent, suction machine for rent, Nebuliser for rent, ICU bed for rent, fowler bed for rent etc. Equipment available for sale as well.

We are supplying equipment in collaboration with Prime Healers, Bangalore

2. Providing information on Health & Diseases

We also provide quality health tips and guide to live healthily. We provide information about various disease conditions and health policies across the country. Also write Health and Fitness Blogs Post that provides information about various diseases and health policies.

We accept guest post from renowned writers across the world. We focus on quality article and aims to provide high quality and useful information to our readers. You can subscribe to our news letter by visiting our page

We will send you weekly one quality health tips.