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Welcome to My Healthcare India (MHI)

The My healthcare India is a unique online information portal dedicated to good health of people founded in 2015 with the objective of providing comprehensive, quality and reliable information about the Health and hospitals to the general population at free of cost. We are intended to provide health care tips and information about disease conditions. We love to see you healthy and happy and productive.

What My Healthcare India Do?

My Healthcare India aims to provide best health tips to its subscribers. We send weekly newsletter with best practiced health tips. It is always said that prevention is better than cure; hence we encourage healthy living style. Subscribe to health newsletter by filling the details below and receive wonderful tips to lead healthy life.

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The medical care is a complex subject and choosing a health care provider is a complicated task for the ordinary people. Choosing a health care provider is a crucial task and we will help in decision-making. To find your right healthcare choice you can visit Prime Healers.

What kind of information My Healthcare India Publishes?

We write well researched articles related to health tips which are essential to keep your health, best practices of healthy life style, healthy food, specific medical condition related food pattern to be followed, various disease conditions, health policies of India and world, social health insurance policies, health market research articles etc.

We do encourage health professionals who are willing to write well researched health articles. You can go through our guest blogging policies before submitting guest post to My Healthcare India.

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