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10 Foods for Healthy Skin

Author: Catriona Jasica | May 13th, 2018

healthy food for skin

The most stepped upon thing in the race of life by almost every other being is health. We keep on running, working, studying and doing unnecessary chores too but what slips off our mind is to take good care of ourselves. Though we sometimes do try to eat and sleep properly but how often we feed our skins too for what they long for? The answer would definitely be ‘not that much’.

Starting it from a matter of fact, skin is the largest organ of a human body yet it’s the most neglected one. It is what shows you from the outside and portrays what’s inside too. In the fast-paced lives these days, most things we eat pave way for a dull and unhealthy skin and sometimes some skin diseases too. There exists a plenty of food items that can be robust enough for your skin but the problem resides in the lack of knowledge. Let me make you wander briefly through the food lane that could be a savior for your skin and could make it gleam and gloss.

Water for good skin

Trust me, the thirst your skin cells have of water is the reason that contributes 50% to an unhealthy skin. The marvels a simple glass of water can do is something you can hardly imagine. Pouring it down into your body can remove toxins, hydrate your skin, make it radiant and glow, decreases wrinkles and can save on sugar as well. For those who spend bulk on all those anti-aging or complexion treatments should give water a try and they’ll be more than surprised with the results. After all what could be more satisfying than a plain cool glass of water!

Dark Chocolate for healthy skin

And yes, the list gets interesting from here on! Dark chocolate, that drives most of its lovers crazy, also contains some mind-blowing health benefits attached to it. The cocoa flavanols in it encompass antioxidant properties that could help your skin stay hydrated and free of toxins.

dark chocolate for healthy skin

Most of you must be wondering about calories now! Suggested is that in case of a balanced consumption of dark chocolate that is 1 ounce or that of 150 calories does not make you gain weight at all. So push out all your skin problems as you now have the dark cocoa melts and health on the same plate!

Pumpkin for Good Skin

I’m damn sure you don’t do much with pumpkins other than on Halloweens! But they can surely do much for your skin. Holding beta-carotenes within them, pumpkins glams up your skin by converting them into vitamin A that, in turn, helps out in the growth of new skin cells. In case you don’t like them, you can try different and out of the box recipes to cook them. Do it today to get started with this amazing way to gift yourself a soft, smooth and wrinkle-free skin.


A simple vegetable it is, still, it supplies you with so many unbelievable gains. Did you ever think that you could get a natural sunscreen out of a tomato? The antioxidant lycopene works to boost up the natural sunscreen of your skin and protects you against sunburns more than your expensive creams and lotions.

Tomatoes for good skin

Not only this but it also brightens up your skin through the huge amount of vitamin C in it, clench up the open pores and hides away the signs of aging too.

Sardines for healthy skin

What many people don’t know is that seafood can be a great source of nutrients to nurture not only the skin but your bodies as well. Sardines are a kind of fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and so fights with even the toughest of the inflammations. When getting a clear skin becomes as sturdy as a big stone to break, sardines can definitely help to combat all those infections that cause acne and pimples.

Orange Peel Enhance Skin Health

As said earlier, there occur many cases where people catch skin diseases including cancers due to some of the things they once took too lightly. Orange peels and other citrus fruit peels contain a compound called limonene that protects skin against harsh and harmful UV radiations and so decreases the chances to acquire a skin carcinoma.

orange for healthy skin
Kidney Beans

These beans regardless of how small they are, incorporate great perks. Holding zinc in an abundant amount, they tend to heal where your skin and body are in need. Acne, pimples and all that retracts your skin from being clear are swiped away by the healing properties of zinc that are no less than of an antibiotic. Cling on to beans from now on to have a clean and clear skin like never before.

Green Tea

Brace yourselves as the box of benefits of green tea will overflow as soon as you’ll open it! Green tea, containing anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in it, helps delay the wrinkles and lines formation due to aging. Acne too fades away as the antioxidants heal the infections and ease out the irritation. It also can reduce the dark circles and puffy around the eyes by the topical application of it. In case you have a love-hate kind of relationship with green tea, it comes in a number of flavors so you won’t be gagging on the tastelessness of it.


Oatmeal, which most of you must be consuming for breakfasts, has been proved as an awesome source of skin healer. It too consisting of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents treats acne in the most profound way.

Oatmeal for good health skin

It sops up the excess oil from the skin leaving it fresh and glowing. Aiding to moisturize the skin, it also works best for dryness and itching. In addition, there are now a plenty of skin products in market having oats as an active ingredient to cleanse and lighten up the skin.

Olive Oil

Olive oil, as compared to other oils, is great in holding healthy fats rather than the unhealthy ones. It retains such components that slows down the aging process and helps to attain a clear skin by getting rid of all the toxins. Olive oil also comes in combination with other products to not just give a healthier skin but an overall healthier body.

Today is the day! Do not bag it on tomorrow. Stand in front of your mirror and take a look at your skin. Make out for what you can start consuming from today to help your skin take steps towards the improvement of its health. You’ll definitely be seeing an amazingly glowing and fresh skin than it has ever been!


Author Bio: Catriona Jasica

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