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3 Easy tips to Keep yourself healthy and fit in 2019

Jessica smith | February 20th, 2019

2019 is here and sadly the party season has also ended. But on the brighter side, it’s a new year and there’s a lot more to look forward to. A lot of people make resolutions and promises to get fit and eat healthy at the beginning of the year but fail to live up to them. It can get difficult especially considering the number of delicious chocolate boxes and wine bottles you must have received this new year’s. It takes a good amount of discipline to get into the right frame of mind and dedicate your entire mind and soul to form better habits and stick to them, but hey! IT IS DOABLE.

Through this article, we will try and motivate you and give you some tips on how can you keep yourself fit and eat healthy this year, without completely losing your mind.

health & fit in 2019

1. A balanced diet: The mantra of losing weight is not starving yourself or dieting, it actually is maintaining a balanced diet. There are a lot of ways in which you can incorporate a balanced diet into your lifestyle. First of all, stop hoarding on processed sugary foods from the grocery store. Things like chips, frozen food, sodas, and chocolates have very little nutrients in them and are loaded with chemicals. Switch to fruits, fresh green veggies, yoghurt and eggs that your body can easily digest and will boost your metabolism. Try and get into the habit of drinking as much water as possible. That will keep you hydrated and help in the digestion as well.

Also, remember, it is OKAY to indulge. You can gorge on a pizza, gulp down a can of coke and devour an ice cream bowl once in a while. Treating yourself from time to time helps you stay on track and keeps you more patient. You can check out these delicious pancakes topped with berries that will make for a lovely family treat on a Sunday morning and not make you feel too guilty about the calories either. Another very efficient habit is to have a number of smaller meals. This will keep you from overeating or resorting to an unhealthy snack when the hunger pangs arrive.

Health & fitness 2019 tips

2. Get Moving: Ditch the lift, take the stairs. Hit the gym, start running, jogging, walking, do ANYTHING, but don't sit idle the entire day. Even the slightest bit of an effort will help. You can exercise at home , do yoga or pilates, whatever suits you. Try different gym outfits to make your exercise routine interesting. It’s a great habit that will have greater benefits in the long run. It is better to have a partner or group to work out with so that everyone can keep each other motivated and make the experience more fun.

Keeping yourself active will help you burn calories, speed up your metabolism, boost your energy levels, keep your skin healthy and even help you pass out and have a good night’s sleep. Even riding around in your ktm would keep you active and happy. It’s the little things in life that go on and make a huge difference. So pull up your socks and switch on your active mode, it really is not that difficult.

Get fit in 2019

3. Train your mind: None of the above-mentioned tips will help you unless your mind is ready for it. You need to rejuvenate yourself every now and then, give your mind a break from the stress and just relax. Keeping the mind healthy is as essential as maintaining your physical health. As a matter of fact, they both are connected: the state of your mind affects a lot of things, right from your blood pressure to your heart rate. There are a bunch of things you can do to relax your mind. Once a week take some time out for yourself and do what you like. Take up your hobbies, be it painting, riding bikes, swimming, dancing, shopping, just go for it. This will make you happy and give you the mental strength you need to start the following week with a fresh mind. You can also try out meditation.

A study proved that a meditation session helps people deal with stress in a better way and also improves overall health. Even a couple of minutes of sitting or lying down peacefully will calm your mind, reduce stress and help your brain rewire. Another very basic yet the most important factor for a healthy mind is getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. Being adults and having an erratic work life can mess with your sleep cycle and that is just not acceptable. Sleeping will enhance the overall health of your body and give you the energy required to carry on the next day. Again, the meditation will also help you sleep. Always remember that no physical exercise or diet will make any difference if you are not in the right place mentally and emotionally.

Fit and healthy in 2019

To conclude, you must set yourself a goal or a target and prepare yourself accordingly. Having a goal will help you move towards it in a more ambitious manner and will also make the journey interesting. Lastly and most importantly, don't give up. None of this is easy and none of this will happen overnight. You will want to just let loose sometimes and that is completely okay. Just make sure that you pick up from where you left off. All the best!

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