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5 best tactics to have clean and happy teeth

Author: Jessica Stafford | October 4th, 2018

5 best practices to keep your teeth healthy

“A warm smile can brighten up any cold morning,” it is something which we all desire. A big smile that is flawless is always very attractive, and pleasing. Yet oral hygiene is always neglected, and the majority still remain unaware of how to take good care of teeth, and gums. After a deep 8 hours sleep, it is, of course, encouraging to wash the mouth to remove the foul smell and brush the teeth, since we became civilized. Here are the five best ways to prevent dental caries and infections to get that beautiful smile.

1. Cleaning

How do you clean the teeth?

Clean your toothbrush before applying toothpaste, and after that, the correct way of brushing is to gently yet firmly strike the incisors first in a vertical motion. Then go on to your premolars, and molars to brush well. Rinse your mouth and do the same process over again. Do not forget your tongue either.

What more you can do is floss. Flossing is also is essential to remove the dirt and food particles that weren’t removed when by brushing. This helps in the removal of microorganisms which cause various dental problems.

It is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day. First in the morning and once before you go to bed. Those who are undergoing dental treatments might need to brush after every meal. They also have a special brush for better cleaning and hygiene.

Brushing not only helps to remove dirt and microorganisms, but it also removes the foul smell from your mouth.

A person’s personality will show his countenance. Thus, an open smile is always welcome.

Since many years, the first act early morning is, brushing the teeth. To clean it, to make it shiny and whiter.

What to use to clean our teeth?

Though our elders used to say that they were using the charcoal, activated, either from the coconut shell or from the paddy husk is better for healthier teeth.

But of late, the corporates, who wants to sell fluoride-based toothpaste, always propagate the use of the pastes. It is ideal to use the charcoal-based products if available as it is natural and does not contain any chemicals.

Recently, it was known that to keep the Stainless-steel utensils and the bathroom accessories, shining, better to wash it or brush it with the fluoride-based toothpaste. So better avoid the usage of fluoride-based toothpaste and start using the natural charcoal-based pastes for a trouble-free healthy mouth.

The charcoal-based products are used in various south Indian regions like Kerala. Known for its hygienic standards, it has been using the paddy husk charcoal for time immemorial. Using the charcoal is more favoured as it has antibacterial properties, removes the foul smell and dirt and keeps the teeth shining.

Thanks to the technology, we have the right products at hand! Many online stores sell charcoal-based toothpaste, and there are extensive positive reviews about it. Check out and get yourself a charcoal-based toothpaste for cleaner whiter teeth.

2. Avoidance of tobacco and smoking for better oral health

Apart from brushing there are certain substances that we must avoid not just for our oral hygiene but for our overall health. To keep the white teeth clean, we are taught from school days to avoid chewing tobacco and smoking.

It is not only harmful to the health but makes the teeth yellowish and loses its luster and brightness.

Studies have also shown that smoking and chewing tobacco are the main causes of lung and oral cavity cancer.

They occur as a mass of cells called ‘tumors,’ and sometimes they occur as benign growth and at other times they malignant which means they can spread to the other regions of the oral cavity and even cause death. A biopsy is often taken to find out the grading and staging of cancer.

How does smoking and chewing tobacco cause cancer?

Tobacco contains carcinogens that trigger the mutation of genes that normally kill the cancerous cells. Not only that, but it also weakens the body’s immune system thus enabling cancer to manifest in the oral cavity.

Sometimes cancer also spreads to the tongue, lunges and even the nasopharynx and nose. As we all know preventing is better than cure and so it is best to avoid consumption of tobacco.

3. A healthy diet for healthy teeth

Eating calcium-rich diet is always recommended for healthy teeth as it is a significant constituent of the enamel of the teeth.

Drinking one cup of milk everyday helps in providing the teeth with the required amount of calcium. Fresh fruits and dairy products also help in enhancing the strong teeth.

If we notice, our previous generation who consumed lots of fish and used natural products for brushing their teeth still have no dental issues!

That shows the necessity of consuming a healthy diet!

Sweets and sugar-rich products are to be kept away if we are looking for healthy teeth.


Candies and sticky food items continue to stick to the teeth and cannot be removed so easily and therefore cause dental caries.

Children are to be monitored for their diet as it affects when they’re adults as well.

4. Protect your teeth from injury

Apart from cleaning, brushing and consuming a healthy diet, you must also protect your teeth from mechanical injuries.

You can do so by using a fully covered helmet while riding or playing sports. A tumor in the mouth has access to bone and nerves and can also result in facial disfigurement.

5. Most important regular dental appointments

This is the most neglected part of oral health.

You must go to a dentist regularly to check up on teeth.

Dentists can even do scaling which is carefully removing dirt or anything that’s stuck to your teeth. When you do this regularly your teeth are healthy and clean.

Even if you are about to have a cavity, it’s best to detect at an early stage so you can fill it otherwise once it gets too deep and gets to the root, it’s painful, and you’ll need a root canal to fix your teeth.

Continued appointments with your dentist will help you if you need an orthodontic treatment or if any masses or tumors are arising in your mouth.

Right from when you’re a child until your senescence, you must regularly go to a dentist to check your oral hygiene and to keep your smile radiant!