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6 Tips to Gain Muscle and Super Strength

Author: Jessica Smith | July 16th, 2018

As we grow, the muscle content in our body starts to degrade. We suffer from fat accumulation in the body instead and start losing the strength we had in the younger days. Irrespective of the age, there are a few ways by which you can ensure proper muscle growth and super strength in your body. This article intends to provide you with a list of things you can follow to attain the goal of a fit and strong body you have been eyeing.

1. Lift Weights

Strength training goes a long way in keeping you in shape and your muscles intact. Not only does lifting weights promote the growth of lean muscles in the body, it boosts the metabolism rate. Thus, you gain strength in the body while you burn unnecessary fats simultaneously. Lifting weights do not only have to be about using weight bars to train. You can even try wearing a custom t-shirt while working out to keep up your style game even at the gym!

Another way of packing your body with strength is lifting your own body’s weight. Indulge in pull ups, pushups, squats, and dips for a well-defined and muscular physique of the body. These exercises shall not only enhance your aesthetic appearance but will also give you strong resistance and strength in the body.

2. Limit Alcohol Consumption

For those who are serious about gaining strength and muscle growth, curbing alcohol intake is a must. Consumption of alcohol directly affects the generation of testosterone in the body, the male hormone responsible for keeping the muscles intact in the body. It may even influence your sleeping patterns adversely, making you skip the ever important rest time.

3. Vitamins for building Strength

Apart from proteins, consuming vitamins ranging from vitamin B, C and D ensure the cutting of fats in the body, thereby invigorating the process of muscle growth. Foods such as eggs, meat, dairy products, fishes like salmon and citrus fruits have all the vitamins you need for a nourished and strong body.

Eating vitamin-rich foods help in the removal of toxins from the body and provide a ground for the muscles to grow efficaciously. Hence, while proteins can enable you to increase the muscle content, intake of vitamins provide a platform to the body for achieving the goal proficiently.

4. Incorporate Sprints

While gym sessions definitely help you to build muscles, sprinting can additionally build well-defined glutes, hamstrings and quads while burning the accumulated fats from the body. Make sure that you do not sprint excessively, which can, in turn, lead to loss of muscles. Include sprints in your schedule so as to ensure you do them 2-3 times a week for the best results. This shall enhance the building of muscle fibers in the body.

5. Increase the intake of proteins

Foods high in proteins contain amino acids that facilitate the growth of muscles and tissues in the body. Consuming high protein foods enable the body to recover, repair and grow the muscles in the body effectively. Therefore, it is only when muscle synthesis takes place in the body do the muscles and strength grow in the body.

Consuming protein-rich foods such as eggs, almonds, chicken, pulses, beans, and seafood shall enable you to achieve your goal of having a healthy body. Try health protein rich recipes to make your meals delicious as well as nutritious.

6. Good Amount of Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most underrated yet one of the most effective ways of making progress with respect to building strength and resistance. As per the health facts, indulging in sleep for a period of 6-7 hours a day ensures cell regeneration and immunity building in the body. Not taking a proper amount of sleep can trigger the process of muscle loss over time. Hence, take enough zzz’s for a quality muscle definition and maintenance of muscles in the body.

Follow the tips mentioned in this article for attaining a great physique and a fit body. Eat right and exercise well to show off your cuts and muscles in no time.