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Benefits of Flowers on Mental Health - The Flower Power!

Author: Blooms | February 25, 2019

There is something about flowers which can brighten up anyone’s day. That’s probably because flowers can alter our mood and positively influence our mental health. Here are some benefits of on health you might not have known.

1. Flowers can help improve Anxiety

flower for mental health

A large section of the population is worldwide experiences anxiety, stress, depression and a wide array of other mental health issues. While many people can cope with their mental and emotional problems, many people can struggle with them.

Every person suffering from a mental and emotional issue have their individual coping mechanism. But, did you know about the positive effects of flowers on our mental health? Flowers are known to help manage our mental health and aid in restoring short-term calmness to our existing situation.

According to a recent study, it is found that patients admitted to the hospital room feel less anxious when there are flowers in their hospital room. These patients are known to have higher levels of positivity about their recovery and require less post-operative care compared to a patient who does not have flowers in their hospital rooms.

The next time you visit a friend or a loved one in the hospital, ensure you take a lovely bouquet of flowers with you. However ensure the patient is not allergic to flowers and in case you are unable to visit the hospital personally, you can opt to order avail services from online flower delivery.

Also, it can be a good idea to grow a small flower garden in your home or garden to take your mind off anxiety and stress and experience the positive effects of flowers. Having some flowers in your bedroom or living room also can help in creating a calming environment in our house to help create a stress-free environment in your home.

2. Flowers to Help You Sleep Better

Flowers to Help You Sleep Better

A well-rested sleep is vital for our health and well-being. According to multiple research, human beings require an 8-hour sleep to completely refresh and recharge themselves from a hectic and stressful day of modern times.

Lavender is known to promote sleep. It helps in lowering our blood pressure and heart rate, which enables you to relax. The more relaxed you are, it is much easier to sleep. Lavenders are not a cure for insomnia; it can help you sleep more comfortable.

3. Positive Effects of Flowers on your Memory

Positive Effects of Flowers on your Memory

According to recent research, rosemary can aid in improving our ability to recall and improve our memory. Based on a 2015 study, wherein researchers conducted a unique experiment to prove the mental health benefits of flowers, particularly rosemary. Participants were asked to enter three different rooms and complete a memory test. One room was scented with the smell of rosemary, the second room was scented with lavender, and the third room was not provided with any particular scent.

Participants were asked to take a memory test in each of these rooms. According to the results of this experiment, participants in had better results in the room which had the scent of rosemary compared to the other two room.

It is advised for students to have rosemary scent in their room while studying for an exam or an important test as it enhances memory recall. Next time instead of wishing your friend best of luck for an exam, you can send flowers to them.

Ability to alter your Emotion with Different Colours of Flowers

Every mood has a corresponding colour associated with it. For instance, yellow is associated with happiness; blue is associated with sadness or calm, red is associated with danger, love and anger etc.

Furthermore, the colour green is associated with safety. This is why most people love to live surrounded by plants, greenery and nature as it creates the feeling of a safe, secure and a comfortable environment.

Also, every person has a preference for a colour which reflects different emotions such as happiness, sadness, influence a specific reaction. This makes choosing the right colour for your flowers and important decision to create the right intend emotion.

4. Benefits of Flowers to Increase your productivity

Benefits of Flowers to Increase your Productivity

Studies have indicated that offices which have indoor plants tend to encourage creativity and performance of the brain. While clean and sparse offices might appear professionals and impressive, they do not offer much visual stimulation to the employees who work all day in these offices.

Similarly, having plants in the classroom can help to increase attendance. Also, having plants around the room can make students much more attentive and happier.

Similarly, different coloured roses can have different effects on the attention and productivity of people. For instance, while the colour red is associated with attention to detail and concentration, blue is associated with encouraging free-spirt and encourages creativity. Hence, depending upon the nature of your business and expectations from your employees, you can select the colour of plants and flowers you can use to decorate your office.

5. Mental Health Benefits of Flowers and Gardening

Mental Health Benefits of Flowers and Gardening

While gardening can be a great hobby, it also has a wide array of mental and emotional health benefits. According to a study conducted in 2015, over 85 per cent of people took up the hobby of gardening citing it calms them and for their mental wellbeing. Being out in the open air, digging, planting, pruning and regular tending to their plants offers them a sense of achievement.

Many people value taking care of something and gardening involves mending and tending for plants which depend upon you for their survival. Gardening also helps enhance your mood, encourages positivity in our lives.

The Verdict

Taking care of one’s mental and emotional health is vital. Using something as simple as flowers, you can experience the mental health benefits of flowers and enhance your overall well-being.


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