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Benefits of Pilates: Reasons why Every Woman Should Try Pilates

Author: Emily | January 26th, 2019

We all understand the benefits of exercise as it gives us energy and most importantly it is great for our health. We exercise on a regular basis so that we can maintain a healthy weight.

Whenever we think of exercise, the first thing that comes to our mind is running that is full of intensity, cycling, aerobics and sports. But it may astonish you that there is no need of including the intense routine for maintaining your weight and reaching your fitness ambition.

There is one of the most proficient ways that should be included in the routine, and that is Pilates.

If you want to know that how Pilates is beneficial primarily for women, then you need to follow the discussion in the post.

Understanding Pilates exercise

The Pilates method has been around for many years now. The dancers mainly used this exercise for strengthening their bodies so that they don’t face any injuries or bulk building in the muscles.

It is an exercise which mainly focuses on the breathing, alignment and movement flow for improving the flexibility, balance, coordination, building the core strength and developing the control and endurance in the body.

Pilate excercises

To follow the routines, initially, it is best to join the classes as the risk of getting injured or performing the exercise inappropriately reduces.

When a person plans to include the exercise in his/her routine, it is vital that he/she should ensure the best services providers like Pilates exercise gold coast.

Benefits of Pilates Exercise for women

It is an exercise which is particularly beneficial for women. If you are a woman who thinks that performing the Pilates is not simple for you, then you are entirely wrong.

The primary fact related to this exercise is that women of any age can perform this exercise.

It doesn’t matter what your age is and you can perform it anywhere, whether it’s your home or gym. However, you require learning several safety measures before performing the exercise.

With the help of Pilates exercise, you can obtain a lot of benefits such as hips strengthening, improved flexibility and abdominal muscles.

Below are the particular reasons specifying that whey every woman should try this exercise:

Back Pain Alleviation

One of the main reasons that every woman should podiatry gold coast integrate this exercise into her routine is that Pilates is useful in alleviating the back pain. As it helps in muscles strengthening, so you can for sure ensure minimizing the back pain.

If the region of lumbar-pelvis gets flexible and strong, then you can reduce the stress in that sphere. It is useful in allowing the movements that are simple. Pilates is the exercise which is mainly known to tone the core muscles.

pilates 2

Hence, if you are performing the exercise regularly, then you can eliminate the pain that is there in your back or spine. The only requirement is that you are consistent with the activity otherwise you wouldn’t be able to reach your aim.

Improves Coordination

As yoga is one of the best solutions for coordination and to focus on your mind, so Pilates is the exercise that also fits into the category. It is vital that a woman should include this exercise because it helps in focusing on mind, breath and your body.

It enables you to ensure that these three things are working together, means to say here is that it is beneficial in improving the coordination. It makes you feel tension free and other daily activities when you are performing the exercise.

pilates 3

There are two things which keep running in your mind which includes moves and the breadth. Therefore, if you want to improve the coordination then make sure to include the exercise in your routine.

Lose Fat

These days one of the major problems that every second woman is going through is a heavyweight. Pilates is the exercise which is helpful in ensuring that you are losing the fat quickly.

If you are overweight or fat, then don’t worry because all you have to do is including Pilates in your exercise routine.

pilates 4

For performing this exercise make sure that you are using the appropriate equipment like exercise mats, weights and rings or balls.

The best moves which you can integrate to lose fat are plan jacks, crisscross and heel ups. Pilates is an exercise which works on the core and mid-section.

Enhance Mental Power

Pilates is the exercise which is useful to avoid the dysfunction related to cognition and diseases that is brain-degenerative.

With the help of this exercise, you can ensure improving the performance of your memory, other functions of cognition and neural network activity.

It is because of these benefits that Pilates is popular with the name, the thinking man’s exercise.

It is identified that performing the exercise for 10 week helps in improving the brain’s alpha peak power.

Better Posture

If you are a woman with the poor posture, then it is because of the back pain. Pilates is the best exercise for reducing the upper back pain. Performing this exercise regularly can prove to be useful.

If you are performing this exercise with the right technique, then you can quickly ensure balancing the alignment of the spine. You require coordination with breath for this exercise as it leads to the diaphragm expansion.

Pilates 5

When you expand your diaphragm continuously, then it gets simple for straightening your spine and the improved posture of the body.

While performing this exercise you experience stretching of the shoulders, you will also see the better posture.

Helpful in enhancing sports performance

If you want to improve your sports performance, then you need to integrate Pilate exercise now. It not only is useful in strengthening the core muscles but also benefits in improving the balance.

With this exercise, it gets comfortable for you to perform the tough exercises such as push-ups, squats, and pull-ups.


Pilates is an exercise that is useful in meeting your wellness and fitness goals. So, stop thinking whether it is right for you or not and include this exercise now in your routine now.


About the author:

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