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5 Simple Methods to Help You to Heal Internal Bleeding at Home

Every one of us must have once in our life suffered from internal bleeding since it is quite common. Once it happens, it might involve losing lots of blood inside the body if we do not treat it properly and in time.

Internal bleeding usually come along with other side effects and symptoms such as swelling, rapid intense and most commonly the discoloration of the skin which you might understand if you look pale.

In some cases, internal bleeding without knocking might be the main factor lead to shock or faint and worst of all loss of consciousness. Internal bleeding are more likely to strike in some areas of the body, which are usually the bleeding sides. It is, of course the best that you acknowledge internal bleeding in time so that you can find ways to handle it. This also helps to save you from other symptom of the diseases such as tiredness, energy loss and pale skin.

Before consulting doctors or take some medicine, it is the best that you could practice first aids at home for they are effective and inexpensive to apply. Most of all, they will not cause any side effects.

Some common home treatments for internal bleeding are listed as follow:

1. Wild Geranium

This common herb has long been considered to be very useful in help you to treat problems related to bleeding.

The best part that is beneficial for you is the roots for it is packed with high amount of tannins as well as it is rich in astringent. These are useful to treat other diseases as well such as diarrhea, hemorrhoids and so forth.

The fastest way to make use of this leaf is boiling the herb for at least one hour then extract the fluid. Leave them to cool down then drink throughout the day. Eventually you will find satisfied result.

2. Cold Compress

The trick with cold compress is that it helps to numb the pain as well as pale color of the skin. Moreover, it is super effective in help relieving itchiness, which are the most uncomfortable symptoms that internal bleeding might bring.

The tip is super simple as all you need to do is wrapping pieces of cold ice cubes from the fridge wrapped in a cloth. You directly apply over the affected areas to find satisfied result eventually.

3. Yarrow

This one actually has long been regarded as the European herb that has high amount of volatile oil, sesquiterpene lactones which works wonderfully in fighting against anti-inflammatory actions. Besides, it has high amount of astringent that also help you to stay away from bleeding from the lungs, bladder as well as other important parts of the body.

Quite similar to the first one, it is the best that you boil this roots for a while to get the fluids then drink throughout the day. Doing this for a day or so and you will find satisfied result.

4. Birthroot

Another wonderful ingredient you can find in the nature is birthroot. Normally, it will appear as the tiny, dark and red flowers, however, it is the root that has long been used as the remedy to treat many other related issues such as menstrual bleeding and even bowel problems. The reason is that the root has high amount of anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic effects that is able to numb the sites of internal bleeding.

To treat internal bleeding internally and externally, you can both drink the tea made from this herbal’s root as well as applying the tea bags directly over the affected areas.

5. Herbal Actions

This traditional method now has long been tested and tried in many people and they swear that it works perfectly in dealing with those health issue like internal bleeding. You will need anti-hemorrhagic or styptic types of herbs for they help to stop excessive internal bleeding. Moreover, thanks mostly to the natural qualities that it is packed with, those herbals actions are also effective in helping you to heal irritated gastrointestinal tract as well as other related diseases.

Similar to those mentioned above, the best way you can apply is to boil those herbs for at least one hour before using. Remember to use when it is still warm for the best effect. You can use this instead of your daily water intake and find the quick result only after 3 weeks.