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Healthy and Hearty Habits- Go for it Working Professionals

Author: Neha Bhardwaj | June 1st, 2018

healthy and Hearty habits

It is no new thing to wake up late at night for completing those prolonged assignments. And, nor is the lethargic feeling that you get while sitting at your workstation. However, the stress of delivering the assignments on time and the pressure of workload on our sensitive shoulders has led us to trouble, especially our health.

Step into the shoes of working professionals, those who deny the work pressure and how badly they are affecting their healthiness. Meeting deadlines, coping up with the everyday stress, dealing with common anxiety troubles, and even combating the personal worries along with it is a big deal.

The list just doesn’t end here. It goes on and on and on! In fact, everything that should be on the priority list like healthy eating, getting closer to fitness, and spending quality time with family and friends get lost somewhere in such busy schedule. But, health being one of the top priorities, one must try to maintain it, no matter what.

Undoubtedly, we are forgetting the fact that our mind, body, and soul needs peace and calmness. So, why not take the first step towards a healthy working life, just by following some uncomplicated and malleable tips right away.

Let’s begin with some simple yet superb healthy eating hacks that can make your work life easier.

1. Throw away the Junk-Get some fruit on the table

One of the best things you can do to enjoy an active and healthy working time is by replacing all those junk foods in the drawers with fresh and seasonal fruit. As the name says, junk is simply going to add junk to your mind and body. Not just it makes you lethargic but slows down the speed of your work as well. Fruit, on the other hand, is much healthier, eating which will make you super active during those hectic work hours. So, say goodbye to the junk and opt for some fresh and juicy fruit today.

2. Say Yes to Petite and Recurrent Meals

Rather than gulping everyone’s lunch box during the break, it is always better to say yes to those petite and recurrent meals, which can keep you away from constant yawning and lethargy. While eating a huge portion of a meal can make you feel super lazy and slow, small meals, on the other hand, keep you full and active the entire day.

3. Stop Guzzling in Stress

There is nothing as bad as guzzling something when you are stressed and worried. You can end up eating almost double your diet. So, whenever those meetings are traumatizing you, don’t eat anything. Calm yourself down first, think how bad overeating can be for you, and then make your eating decision. This will perhaps not only help you to control your diet but will also make your less lackluster in the workplace. Also, be sure to eat while you are comfortably seated rather than wandering around and gulping.

4. Miss out on Lunch, if needed

You don’t have to eat just because it says lunch break. In case you are not hungry, don’t go for any meal, instead look for space to walk or exercise to digest the food that you have already eaten. This will not just keep you in shape, but also fit for the rest of your life.

5. Forget the Lifts-Walk your way up

It might sound enticing to reach your floor with a press of a button. But, how much time would it take to get to your workplace, just walk, as it may help you in strengthening up your leg muscle, besides pumping up your for the entire day? In short, when you need a morning cardio workout, walking up and down the stairs can help you in doing the same.

6. Maximize the Intake of Liquids

Water consumption should anyway be high in our everyday life. And, in case, you are indulging yourself in such hectic working hours, it becomes mandatory to drink more than 8 glasses of water. Besides water, juices, buttermilk, and even healthy homemade soups are the best options to increase the amount of liquid in your diet. Sip little water from the bottle that should always be there on your desk.

7. Stretch Out

When feeling lazy or have no work, go for those stretching exercises to keep yourself active and moving. Look for some stretching exercises that can be done while sitting on the chair. Also, move around, take a walk for a while, or simply get off your seat to relax your mind and body. If you are not moving around, then possibly you might face various back problems like lower back pain, cervical issues, and even headache in the long run.

8. Pick Wisely at Parties

It can be too painless to grab a plate full of your favorite dish or even eat beyond your capacity during those team parties. But, there is no reason to guzzle something that is not good for your health, no matter where you are. Watch out and be choosy when it comes to eating in such meetings and events. This is the time when you can maintain your health and stay in shape.

9. Limit the Caffeine

We understand your addiction towards coffee and other sorts of caffeine. But, this is something that is doing no good to your mind and body. In fact, this simply is adding to those bulges already there and making your less active gradually. Why not just cut down such unhealthy stuff from your diet and look for a healthy alternative like fresh juice or something. Think about it the next time you grab that coffee mug to calm your mind.

10. Meditate

Yes, meditation can calm the entire you, giving you the much-needed relief from all the stress of the workplace. So, set some time for yourself, sit calmly, and soothe the entire you.

It is tough being a professional, who has so much to do- both in professional and personal life. Following all those unhealthy and dull habits is not what will take you ahead in your life. In fact, all those small yet vital habits make you a healthier person.

So, why stick to those old habits that are just contributing to decreasing your lifeline? Drop these nasty habits today, opt for these healthy habits, and make sure that you are making nothing but the best out of your life. After all, we all have one life, why squander it in spoiling and damaging it, right?



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