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Home remedies for arthritis pain relief

Author: Sushma Wayse | February 13, 2017

arthritis- Home remedies

The most common cause of arthritis is normal wear and tear of the body at old age. Therefore the doctor cannot completely cure the disease but will usually try to relieve pain as well as prevent any further damage.

The doctor may recommend medication in the form of analgesics, anti inflammatory drugs or menthol creams. In severe cases the doctor may opt for surgical replacement of the affected joint. Some doctor may also recommend physiotherapy treatments to increase muscle strength.

Since there is no straightforward cure for arthritis, you can try to alleviate pain through the following methods:

1. Control Weight Gain

Too much weight puts additional pressure on joints leading to quick wearing out of the cartilage tissue. Losing weight will not only ease the affected joints but also prevent further damage to other joints. Change in diet and lifestyle can lead to gradual and healthy weight loss.

2. Keep exercising and be mobile

Light exercise and movement helps you to retain flexibility of the joints and prevents stiffness. A casual walk, swim or water aerobics are a great way to stay fit, lose weight as well as maintain your mobility. However do not overdo any form of exercise as it may damage the already weak joints. Any form of exercise practiced in moderation will help.

3. Increase Vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is an important nutrient in keeping our bones healthy. Owing to a sedentary lifestyle most people experience vitamin D deficiency. Doctors recommend taking a supplement as well consuming vitamin D rich foods such as eggs, diary etc.

4. Practice Hot and cold Treatment

A relatively easy to practice treatment with huge benefits, hot and cold therapy helps decreases stiffness in joints. Hot treatments include using an electric blanket, warm showers or bath and applying heating bags to the affected joint. Soaking joints in warm water and epsom salts can also as a pain reliever. Cold treatments mostly consist of ice packs. These can help as an instant pain reliever.

5. Alternative forms of medication

In certain cases alternative forms of treatment such as acupuncture and Ayurveda are also recommended. Acupuncture is said to relieve arthritis pain using thin needles inserted to specific areas in the body.

Ayurveda is also considered to be an option for treatment. Research suggests ingredients such as turmeric and other herbal supplements with its anti-inflammatory properties can provide relief in joint pains. Below are some of the natural ingredients that can provide you relief:

· Eating raw ginger and applying ginger oil can help in reducing pain. A mixture of dried ginger can also be had daily to manage pain.

· Drinking a teaspoon of turmeric with milk before bed can reduce inflammation. You can also take turmeric capsules or fresh turmeric juice

· A mixture of honey and cinnamon if taken regularly on an empty stomach is also helpful. Similarly mixture of honey and cinnamon can also be applied on the affected joints.

· Alfaalfa seeds can be had with water in the form of tea and also as capsules to help in arthritis pain.

· Cherries are a rich source of magnesium and potassium. Eating cherries raw or as a syrup are also known to reduce pain.

· Epsom salt and lemon juice can also be had along with warm water to maintain pH level of the body.

6. Regular Massage

Regular massaging has been known to relieve stiffness and give flexibility to muscles. This not only leads to pain relief but also provides much needed relaxation from pain. It is also recommended to use mustard oil, eucalyptus oil or wintergreen oil as these are considered to be natural ointments. Mental well being is also affected as a result of the arthritis pain and a good massage benefits both mind and body.

7. Right amount of Fatty acids

Certain kinds of fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Gamma- Linolenic Acid (GLA) are said to relieve arthritis pain. You can increase your intake by supplements or foods such as salmon and seeds of certain plants such as black currant, hemp etc.

8. Change in ergonomic routine

Our everyday posture and routine go a long way in affecting our body. Simple steps such as the correct posture, periodic exercises for neck, hands and legs etc help to prevent stiffness. Avoiding a single posture for a long time and taking a break to stand and stretch can also help in relieving joint pressure.

9. Manage Stress

Relaxation techniques and meditation act as shield to reduce the mental stress and pain from arthritis. Basic things such as getting good sleep and following a daily regime helps to reduce stress. Increased stress and tension can make the patient feel more in pain and depressed. Hence try and maintain a stress free routine to cope up better.

10. Take medications and supplements

All remedies and natural ways can help you alleviate pain. However it is recommended to take prescribed medication and vital supplements as per dosage. Although you may experience temporary relief for a few days it is important to continue medication to have prolonged relief and prevent further damage to joints.

Arthritis is a fairly common condition characterized by inflammation of one or more joints. Although the condition is very common its treatment and diagnosis are fairly complex. It usually occurs in old age patients but can also affect middle aged people as well. To know more about arthritis click here.

Common symptoms include joint pain, swelling and difficulty in movement. Since it can affect more than one joint, it becomes difficult to treat and manage.

Author Bio: Sushma is a Freelance Medical Writer. she has two years of experience in writing articles on Health. She likes to share information related to health.