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How to keep your heart healthy?

Author: Priyanka Chowdary | July 19, 2016

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Your health is a personal responsibility. Taking care of your heart is one way of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Some of the things that can help you to avoid seeing the doctor include a nutritional program and exercising. It is an aesthetic way of caring for your body. If you fail to adhere to these simple requirements, you are at a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. You have the ability to control the spread of such ailments although genetic predisposition is out of your manipulation. Furthermore, time is crucial in dealing with heart complications. The earlier you start the better for you. Here are ten best ways to keep your heart healthy.

Quit Smoking

Stop this habit for the sake of your heart. Smoking has been identified by several research findings to be the cause of a number of heart disorders. All you need is a single year then it the risk of suffering from this deadly disease will be reduced by more than half. If you remain disciplined and shin smoking for fifteen years, you will be safe from heart diseases like someone who has never ventured into smoking. However, note that quitting smoking is not as easy as walking in your flower garden in the evening. Seek professional medication and counseling. Go through one of the most viral Infographics on Quit smoking by Coupon Machine.

Lose Weight

Weight is a health hazard that should be tamed. It is advisable that you purpose to lose a particular percentage of your body mass. Reducing ten percent of your weight lowers the chances of suffering from coronary artery disease. This initiative does not mean that you start starving yourself for months. It simply requires an eagle eye on the calorie content of all the foodstuffs that you purchase. Some of the foods look healthier for instance fruit juices but most of them do have unhealthy calorie levels. Additionally, avoid overeating.

Exercise on daily basis

Half an hour every day is what you need to avoid a possible operation. Exercise is an awesome treatment technique to stroke and heart diseases. The big question is the amount of exercise you require. It is recommended that as an adult; spend at least thirty minutes working out daily. You can split the exercise so long as you make sure that they total to a minimum of half an hour. Have a morning and evening walk as part of your exercise. Some of you can park a few meters from your office and walk, use the stairs instead of a lift or cycle back home from work.

Avoid Transfat

Most of your favorite snack foods contain Trans fats. Some of the notorious examples include cookies, crackers and muffins. Manufacturers use the fats to extent the shelf life of your foods; enhance flavor as well as their texture. However, the health implications of the preservatives are wanting. They reduce desired cholesterol amounts and increase bad cholesterol levels in your body. Such an imbalance is an assurance of high chances of getting heart diseases. Fortunately, it is a legal requirement for all manufacturers to indicate the Trans fats levels on food wrappings. Read labels and purchase those that are Trans fats free.

Have relaxation time

Relaxing daily seems frivolous but it works health magic. It is a shield against unnecessary stress that usually lead to high blood pressure. Stress is also responsible for narrowed blood vessels as well as hiked cholesterol levels in your body. This is a disaster for your heart. The technicality is that stress can force you to try out unproductive activities so that you get back on normal track. His eats up personal relaxation allowance. It is advisable that your daily schedule should have some time-out for pleasure reading and meditation among other engagements that can relax you.

Eat foods rich in fibre

Plenty fibers in your daily meals are an insurance against heart disorders. Thirty grams of fiber are enough per day. They should be consumed from various sources such as wholegrain cereals, whole-meal bread, potatoes, vegetables, bran, oats and fruits.

Eat Enough Fish

Eating fish should be something that is included in your diet not less than twice every week. This serving has to include oily fish once or twice. Some of the fish species that are good for your heart are fresh tuna, sardines, salmon and mackerel. They are a source of quality omega-3 fats, which have an ability to protect you against common heart ailments. Take two servings of oily fish if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Reduce salt consumption

Salt influences your blood pressure level. Additionally, while cooking, it is better if you apply minimum amounts to your meals. This should be done for some time until you are used to the taste of meals without low salt additions. After this is achieved, you are at liberty to eliminate it completely if you can. More so, ready-made foods should be treated with caution. Some of them have high salt content. The meals you buy which are ready for consumption are the ones that contribute enormously to the salt level in your body. Please make sure that you consume less than one teaspoon of salt daily if you are an adult.

Read Food Labels

This sounds as if it is a minor issue but it is part and parcel of ten best ways to keep your heart healthy. The drink and food packages have calorie, sugar, fat and salt amounts clearly indicated ax required by law. It is your responsibility to understand food contents so that the decisions you make are informed. This will reduce the health risks that you expose your body year in year out.

Cut down on alcohol

Quitting alcohol is the best solution but if you cannot, reducing it is a worthy alternative. You have to know that alcohol contains deadly amounts of calories. Regular drinking is a major disservice to the major body organ. There are recommended portions that are medically approved for you. Sticking to these limits will be a good decision for you. It can save you thousands of money that goes in treating heart diseases.

In conclusion, your heart is pivotal for normal body functioning. A muscle requires training to keep pumping life in you. If you keep it on good shape then you are safe but the failure to take good care of it is the easiest way of digging up your own grave.