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Tummy Tuck Surgery: The danger lies in its details

Author: Pousali Dey | September 02, 2016

Tummy truck surgery harms

How many of us have not envied the picture perfect figures of runway models or our celebrities? Perhaps, very few people do not covet such a thing. Most of us do aspire to have a flat stomach. A fab figure and a flat belly is a distant dream for many girls. Even men these days aren't away from spending their time in the gym for attaining that perfect body minus the excess tummy fat.Airbrushed photos of celebrities adorning magazine covers and tabloids encourage girls to go in for gymming or weight training-either ways which doesn't help in the short term. What many fail to understand is that, celebrities acquire the near perfect sculpted body through right amount of dieting, gymming, weight burning exercise and even surgeries.

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery in common linguistics is the surgical way to get sculpted and flat belly. Tummy tuck surgery is an option when flab sitting on your abdomen doesn't reduce through any means whatsoever-diet plans, exercising, yoga, anything. Read on to find out the procedural details, risks and dangers attached to it:

What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is the medical way to lose bulges which have developed on your stomach. Ugly bulges develop on your tummy due to many reasons- lack of exercising, unhealthy food habits, sedentary lifestyle etc.

What goes into an abdominoplasty surgery?

This surgery is subdivided into following categories based on its time and scope:

1. Complete abdominoplasty

2. Partial abdominoplasty

3. Extended abdominoplasty

4. FAB technique abdominoplasty

5. Combination

1. Complete abdominoplasty:

In a complete abdominoplasty, initially, a small incision is made which covers the 2 hipbones. Another incision made is for shifting the belly button from its place. The skin on the abdomen is lifted for tightening it. The belly button is relocated and eventually skin surrounding it is stitched up. In this way, excess skin and fat are done away with. All of the incisions are stitched up and dressed. Drainage tubes may be placed below the operated region for a few days.

2. Partial abdominoplasty:

Partial abdominoplasty entails surgery through a single small incision, instead of multiple incisions like in complete abdominoplasty. People who have excess fat deposits below their belly button are best suited for undergoing partial abdominoplasty. As mentioned before, a small incision is made in the area above pubic hairline. Excess surrounding flab is then cut away before the incision is stitched up. This procedure ends within 2 hours and also does not require the cosmetic surgeon to relocate position of belly button.

3. Extended Abdominoplasty:

Extended abdominoplasty involves cutting fat on lower and upper abdomen through incisions. In the process, hanging fatty tissues are removed and abdominal wall is tightened. This procedure helps to enhance the appearance of upper thighs too.

4. Floating Abdominoplasty:

This technique is similar to extended abdominoplasty. This technique entails, detaching the belly button temporarily. A small incision allows cutting of flab and tightening and reshaping of muscles around the belly region. The belly button is moved further down for reattaching purposes.

5. Combination:

Combination as the name suggests involves combining other cosmetic enhancement procedures like breast reduction, breast augmentation or liposuction with abdominoplasty for best results.

An advice before getting Abdominoplasty

It is extremely important to consult a certified cosmetic surgeon for undergoing any of the above procedures for abdominoplasty. These days there are many uncertified doctors posing as surgeons mushrooming everywhere to mislead people interested in losing weight the easy way. Also, there is a rising trend of middle class becoming increasingly aware of cosmetic procedures to look good without burning their pockets. Such procedures indirectly contribute in enhancing the lifestyle of people. The many benefits that come attached to it is why abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery in India is becoming a more and more preferred procedure among middle and upper classes. In a way, these surgeries make you look good and fit better in your clothes. But they also give you an increased self-esteem giving you a spring in your step!

  All things said and done, the risks coming with opting for abdominoplasty procedure to cut unwanted body fat cannot be entirely denied. It is better to be informed about them beforehand having a word with your surgeon.

Complications of Abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck surgery side effects are listed below.

1. Scars: The procedures most obviously would be leaving scars around the operated area. Which need to be hidden whenever you wear a crop top or a swimsuit

2. Wounds: Wounds created by the procedure seem to take forever to heal

3. Swelling: The procedure also brings with itself the swelling factor. You cannot expect to fit into a skinny pair of jeans immediately in a week's time because the operated portion tends to remain swollen for a considerable time ahead.

4. Blood clots: There are possibilities of probable blood clots developing in your veins, few days later post surgery

5. Other complications: Such procedures expose the person undergoing surgeries to risks of developing other complications like diabetes in future.

A short idea about what exactly abdominoplasty or surgery for reducing tummy fat is. This surgery is slowly becoming popular in India. More information about tummy tuck / abdominoplasty surgery in India click.

Deciding to opt for surgical methods for losing weight or going for tried and tested ways like exercising, running etc. is a thing one should give careful thought to. Choosing the correct hospital for it should be done very carefully.