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Health Benefits of Different kind of Sports

Author: Koshial | February 12th, 2018

skating health benefits

The competitive physical activities or games that are played to engage the individuals in order to improve the physical ability and skills. The sports are viewed by millions of people from all over the world. They are played in different regions, with different countries and states and help the individual to be the best performer in the arena. Playing sports or games makes the people be fit and healthy and reduces the chances of various age coming diseases.

Types of sports and the benefits associated with them

The various types of sports that are played are

  • Single Sports
  • One on One Sports 
  • Team Sports

1) Single Sports

Games like golf, billiards, etc. are played one after another i.e. when one player is playing other playing need to observe the play. These games are played on the basis of points and the one with highest points wins the game. The health benefits that associated with these games are the following

  • Active involvement in the sport and continuous physical activity and a relief from stress of the working week it helps in prevention of heart diseases
  • The game is designed in such a way that the participants have to remember many things, make strategies to win the game, and has to observe the opponent move closely will most likely to increase stimulation of brain will result in increased efficiency.
  • Consumption of more energy will leads to weight loss.
  •  Improve life span of the person

It acts as a best source of inspiration in the minds of the people. For example, if one single person raises from the ash to the heights of sky then it is inspiration for the millions in the world.

2) one on one sports

Sports like tennis & badminton are played with each other i.e. each player will be on opposite sides and they play against each other. These games consist of sets and the player with more wins in the sets wins the game. The following are the health benefits associated with these sports are

  • As they mostly involve the movement of the physical body very fast it helps them to keep the body fit. 

  • They need to be played with mind and these help the players to think very fast. Thus improving the efficient functioning of the brain.

  • Life span of the player will be improved 

  • Reduces the mental problems of the person 

  • As it needs daily workout it helps the person to stay in fit.

One on One sports help people to improve their mental fitness like brain growth, increase in IQ, prevent Alzheimer’s, improve the reading skills of the person, etc. And other indoor sports like chess & carom may help individuals if he/she wants to recover or recovering from stroke or disability, this helps to improve their cognitive and communication skills.

3) Team Sports

Certain games need to be played in team consists of a number of players. The sports like cricket, football, hockey, skating etc. fall under this category. The team which has the highest number of points at the end of the play will win the game. Some of the health benefits associated with the team sports are

  • Being a team sport it helps the players to the team to play like one
  • It builds confidence in the mind of the player that they are having each other’s back. 
  • They need continues physical exercise this helps the players to stay fit and strong.
  • It improves the immunity of the body.
  • It develops the social relationship among the players.

Overall, the team sport will help more of coordination, belongingness, cooperation, and improved societal relationship of the individuals.

Other kind of interesting sport like skating which is having lot of benefits is skating. There are many kinds of skating. The benefit from the sport is of immense measure. It strengthens the legs, back, helps in reduce weight, and speeds the thought process. The skating is played with the help of rollerblades where it demands the individual play whole body as one.


Author Bio: Koshial is a founder of Skateboard-guide blog; it’s a blog about Skating tips, Skateboard guide, Product reviews, news, equipment, and events. He loves to encourage health of the people by promoting sport.