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Latest Government National Health Policies In India | Government Policies On Public Health In India

In this section the authors focus on various health policies within India and across the globe. The articles are written on latest government health policies in India especially government policies on public health in India. And also experts have written State Specific health assurance schemes like “Mukhyamantri State health care Scheme” Himachal Pradesh which is recently launched demand side financing health policy. And also the website intended to provide “mukhyamantri swasthya bima yojana” of Uttarkhand and other States. The Karnataka has launched "Universal Health Coverage" to its residents recently.

The authors will mainly focus on critical analysis of the National health policy & latest health policy in India. The aim is to provide an easy platform for both citizens and public health professionals to understand the various policies of States and country and globe. Here you will get all the information about government policies on public health in India.